Funeral videos

Funerals are all about emotions. There will be many. You will miss many details. Who attended? What was said?
These are just some of the questions You may have about this day.

A funeral video gives you the opportunity to look back on that day.
A Funeral video can also help you to deal with the loss of your loved one. Especially for young children a Funeral video can be important as they go through the grieving process. In addition, it is an opportunity to share with family and friends who live far away, or who are ill or for another reason could not attend the funeral.

We make the funeral video to your exact wishes and with your confirmation. You may request filming of the funeral service, moments at your home, time at the graveside or anywhere else.

Our camera operators are dressed in black and operate in the background as much as possible. We work on tripods as much as we can to guarantee a stable picture. We record our sound via the sound system of the facility, or we can use our own (wireless) microphones. After the funeral we will edit the footage in our studio to produce a smooth and flowing collection of the events of this memorable day.

We will deliver it on DVD, featuring a personalized label and sleeve.

Click below for the options:

photo slider

Fifty pictures are scanned, touched-up and edited Smoothly in a3 to 4 minute photo show set to your chosen song.

Motion Picture Show

About 150 pictures and video clips are scanned, touched-up and edited with appropriate effects into a show set to your favourite four songs.

The viewing

The viewing is captured with one camera, and a microphone (with on-camera light if necessary) to record the visitors and a few shots of surrounding activity. Later, it is edited together so you can see everyone who came to pay their respects.

Funeral Service

The service is captures with two cameras, one placed near the front and one in the rear. Music and speeches are recorded via sound system and/or wireless microphones.

Graveside service

I will join the procession to the cemetery, keeping my camera at a suitable distance to record the whole area and mourners and close-ups of the speakers.

After Burial

The moments at the reception after the burial for refreshments and companionship with family and friends is captured with one camera, on-camera microphone and on-camera light if necessary.


If you have other ideas or wishes, don’t hesitate to discuss this with us. So we can make the special moments of your loved one into a treasured memorial, for always to remember.


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