Installing live stream cameras, beamers and soundsystems

Like no other medium, the Internet has gained its place among the other information and communication media. You offer your video content via the worldwide web and benefits as maximum of the possibilities of the Internet. Often the streaming solutions from a fixed installation in combination with dome cameras and microphones, we integrate seamlessly into your rooms. But we also provide mobile streaming solutions. You can also edit your recordings in advance and then put on the internet. Also we install projectors and sound systems.

Live streaming events

Triple H Video is specialized events to broadcast live over the internet. Through a unique technical solution Triple H video is at a very competitive rate streaming offer during events. But other applications are possible, of course: Seminars, symposiums, conferences, video conferencing programs, lectures, speeches, press conferences, product presentations, shareholder meetings, celebrations, concerts, membership meetings, weddings

transfer to DVD

Video is used by many people to capture precious memories like weddings, vacations, children's first steps and birthdays. It takes therefore often not long before a decent video collection is built. Boxes or bags filled with video tapes in the basement, attic or simply in a closet. Many precious memories that are never watched more. And that is a pity! By letting digitize your video tapes can instantly create a secure backup of those precious memories. All you need to do is drop off your stuff at us or send. We do the rest!

Funaral Video

If not everyone can be there. They can say goodbye through a funeral video in their own way. If you yourself have a need to / want to take leave again at another time. If your (grand) children are too young now to say goodbye.

corporate or commercial video

With a commercial or corporate video is your story explained in a visual way. As a result, the attention value of the visitor remains much higher than, for example, in a written text. By choosing a proper and appropriate style for the film business, following the perceptions of your audience, you build trust even further with a company film.


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